Student Accommodation Overview

With a range of acoustic flooring that offers residential looks combined with commercial performance, vinyl flooring from Itec Contract Floors could be the only flooring solution needed in student accommodation.

Flooring From Kitchens to Bedrooms

Within the student accommodation sector there is a need for a low cost solution to acoustic issues. Fortunately, Itec Contract Floors has developed a range of acoustic flooring solutions that can help to deliver projects exactly this, a low cost solution that can help to combat acoustic concerns throughout the entire accommodation block. Without the need for any specialist installation work and developed in our acoustic laboratory, the Acoustic Flooring Collection can deliver up to 19dB of sound reduction, reducing impact and airborne sound.

Featuring a specially developed foam backing, our acoustic flooring is not only equipped with class-leading acoustic performance, but also features that make it an excellent choice for student accommodation projects looking for a floor that’s durable, easy to look after and stylish.

Student accommodation for Edinburgh Napier University uses acoustic vinyl throughout

Acoustic performance relies on a foam backing, the exact composition and density is a closely guarded secret, but essentially the thicker this backing the better it is at reducing sound. However, when it comes to durability in commercial environments, the floor’s rest-indentation performance is adversely affected by a thicker foam backing. Balancing these two key components is critical in ensuring the floor delivers acoustic performance without compromising its Class 33 Heavy Commercial rating.

The Itec Acoustic Flooring collection is driven by practical need with student accommodation projects taking full advantage of the floor's ability to reduce sound without having to compromise key criteria such as a floor that is easy to maintain – all floors are equipped with Hyperguard+ PUR reinforcement – and long in use.

In popular wood effects, as well as abstract and plain colour looks, the Acoustic Flooring collection is available in two and four-metre width options. The larger width gives less seams in larger areas for a look that is cleaner and with less potential failure spots, all while still delivering 18dB acoustic performance.

As a retro-fit and refurbishment solution that delivers sound reduction without performance trade-off and while still being exceptionally cost competitive, the Itec Acoustic Flooring collection is hard to beat in new-build and refurbishment student accommodation projects.