Invisiweld cold-welding technique for PVC floor coverings offers three unmistakable advantages.

The 'Legendary Needle'
A metal needle that is mounted firmly in the tube to guarantee an easy and safe installation

Seam Tensile Strength
Very High seam tensile strength which by far exceeds the values required by European Norms.

Health & Safety
When used correctly, Invisiweld is harmless to your health, Proven through tests by an independent and accepted specialised institute and published in the construction chemicals handbook.

Safe results the easy way

Place special masking tape centered over the closely-cut seam and press on tightly with a roll

Cut masking tape easily with the rolling knife in the area of the seam. With hard coverings it is recommended that the seam area be heated to a maximum of 40°C directly before welding, by using an iron or heat gun.

With one hand press the needle of the tube firmly inside of the seam and pull along. With the other hand dose the cold welding liquid so that an approximate five-mm wide line appears n the masking tape.

A nearly invisible and watertight seam!

After approximately 10 minutes peel off the masking tape backwards and at an angle to reveal a nearly invisible and completely watertight seam.

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